According to the state of Ohio, a total of 185 applications have been submitted for the two dozen licenses to grow marijuana in the state. Applicants come from a variety of states and have diverse experience in the industry.

Numbers for patients qualifying for medical marijuana in the state of Ohio are estimated to be around 24% of the 11.6 million population. The article also estimates revenue from the industry to be over 1 billion dollars over the next three to five years.

Applications are meticulously detailed with business plans and compliance plans, as well as every person involved. Only top applications that show the most professionalism and detail will be chosen for a license.–regional-govt–politics/multi-state-companies-major-players-ohio-budding-medical-pot-trade/W7AZVFnqJ8PYyKI1bHvjdK/?mc_cid=72b434dd45&mc_eid=93c1032e56